Gramma’s Honey FAQ

What is unique about this honey?

-It has never been filtered or heated and it is the only honey that will ALWAYS stay soft!!!!

-As soon as Honey is heated it destroys the enzymes changing the healing properties of the Honey, because of our process our Honey maintains the highest level of healing and nutrients that Honey can have.

-Our Honey Taste is the most natural because of this patent process.

-The Honey isn’t filtered or heated the active enzymes in the honey are always changing, (example would be like YEAST in bread dough), the yeast is working in the dough without you seeing it, so it is the same with the live enzymes in the Honey, they are always working and changing. That is what’s so unique about our Honey, it has the highest level of active ingredients to facilitate a healthy product. The enzymes slow down in a cool state, same as yeast in dough but if temperature is increased the activity increases, looking like a foam substance in the Honey very tight bubbles coming to the surface. This action doesn’t change the taste of the Honey or deplete the health effect of the Honey, that is why when you say 100% RAW this is what you get, a true form of the most natural Honey product available to Mankind.

What do you mean it will always stay soft?

Most honey will become hard in time, but with our worldwide patent we can take this crystalized honey and make it stay soft and creamy.

What is the Patent?

-To change hard honey into soft honey forever without the use heat or filtration.

Why do you not want to heat or filter honey?

-Heating and filtering honey removes natural enzymes and nutrients from the honey and we want to keep it as pure and natural as possible for all the health benefits.

Why is the honey White?

-Canadian honey is renowned for its beautiful White color and because we don’t use heat, we are able to maintain this beautiful color. Heating honey can affect the color and make it turn amber or golden. White is a classification according to Canadian standards.

How should I store the honey?

-Because we use no heat in the whole process, to maintain the highest quality it is strongly recommended to store the honey in a cool dry place, as long periods of heat will start to change the color.

What are the white flakes?

-Since we do not filter, there is always the possibility of wax particles still inside the honey, they are perfectly fine to eat.